Peaceful Place Series No. 06 - Forgiveness (Download)

Peaceful Place Series No. 06 - Forgiveness (Download)

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It has been often said "life is just one big relationship". This appears to be true as every day we encounter other people and experience feelings in relationship to them as well as to our work.

More importantly, every moment of the day we are experiencing feelings in relationship to ourselves. There are several major scientific discoveries concerning the subconscious mind and the mind/body connection which show us how we understand, manage, and can change, our relationship with other people and ourselves. Learning how to forgive is part of that process.

This meditation is spoken over Early Morning in the Rain Forest. Forgiveness is such an important element of daily living. Coming to terms with yourself and others in areas such as judgements, anger, resentment, guilt or blame is a key to your own progress.

Music by Ken Davis