Peaceful Place Series No. 07 - Tapping Your Creativity (Download)

Peaceful Place Series No. 07 - Tapping Your Creativity (Download)

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Our ability to imagine and to create is one of human nature’s most precious gifts. It is the means by which the ugly is made beautiful, the impossible made possible. It is the very reason Mankind has achieved the material success that he has.

In my opinion, to be experiencing and expressing your own ability to create is to truly start feeling and fulfilling your purpose in this world. Many of us believe we are not creative, or are not using our creativity, and I know that it’s easy to use more - I’ve proved it!

This meditation is spoken over Soaring from Pan Flutes with Nature. Your own creativity can be accessed for it resides in your subconscious mind. You can use it for solving problems (as did Einstein) or for inventions (as did Edison) or for writing, poetry, sculpture, art, painting, etc. (as did Salvador Dali). It's exciting!

Music by Ken Davis