1 Day Students Success

1 Day Students Success

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Based on the internationally acclaimed best seller Students Steps to Success
"85% of 6 year olds have good self esteem and think they're good learners. 16% of 16 year olds' have a good self esteem and think that they're good learners." 

"90% of children in Year 6 now will be working in jobs, the technology for which, has not yet been invented." NSW Dept. of Education Forum

 Students Steps to Success DVD

Contents of pack

2 DVD's - 4 hrs 8 min
Plus 56 min of Guided Imagery
Use these DVD's with the workbook

The Key Outcomes:

    * Learn faster and more easily using the Alpha Brainwave state
    * Effectively deal with all study and exam stress
    * Learn efficient life skills goal setting techniques
    * Learn lifelong skills to increase confidence and self esteem
    * Learn methods to handle the challenge of change

Benefits - Learn Techniques to:

    * Relax in 30 seconds - and handle stress
    * Achieve any goal faster
    * Achieve faster learning
    * Increase memory and recall
    * Enhance creativity
    * Develop new, effective habits faster
    * Increase self esteem and confidence
    * Improve comprehension
    * Increase reading speed