Calm Coaching - Your Mentor is Sandy

Calm Coaching - Your Mentor is Sandy

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Personal mentoring by Sandy in how to apply the tools and techniques of the CALM System to your everyday life by the person who brought the books to the world.

This Coaching product is initially 30 minutes on the telephone.It includes the telephone costs to a landline or mobile in Australia and an assessment, by Sandy, of the answers to a questionnaire completed and submitted by the client..

Upon purchase of this product you will receive a questionnaire by email.  The purpose of this is to save time and so that Sandy can have to hand any resources that are needed to satisfactorily answer any queries. Upon receipt of the questionnaire a mutually agreeable appointment time will be made.

A range of subjects that could be in the session include
     1. Any clarification of Seminar Information or
     2. Calm Accelerated Learning Techniques or
     3. Relaxation and releasing stress in 30 seconds or
     4. Setting and Achieving Personal Goals Faster or
     5. Setting and Achieving Your Business Goals
     6. Science of the Mind used by CALM or
     7. Dealing with Life's Issues and Challenges or
     8. The use of Active Meditation Techniques to Achieve (choose the topic) or
     9. Determining Life's Purpose Now and how to achieve it or
    10. How to have a Balanced life or
    11. You choose the topic.

At the end of this introductory session several courses open could result - they vary from completion to further or regular appointments with your CALM Mentor Coach.