CLASSIFIED MEMOIRS - A Life Too Interesting

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I was born in India and went to boarding school there.  With my Family we emigrated to Australia in 1947 after Indian partition.

After schooling in Tasmania I trained as an Officer at the Royal Military College, Duntroon – in Canberra.  I studied Civil Engineering at Sydney University and graduated into the Royal Australian Engineers.  Now life became sensational with some amazing experiences in my Army postings, including being part of the first Tunnel Rats pioneering the search of the tunnels of Cu Chi, during the war in Vietnam, where I was awarded the Military Cross.

My personal life however went into a dive with a failed marriage and deceit and duplicity from a third party making its contribution.

I transferred from the Regular Army to the Army Reserve where my civilian life became an interesting kaleidoscope of varied and fascinating careers.  My personal life also changed for the better when I re-married and had 2 more children.

Within the Army, Leadership has played a huge part in my life and I have been honoured with the responsibility of commanding two elite Army Training Units.

Near tragedy struck with my son Andrew when he nearly lost his leg.  This started me on an entirely new (for me) direction, exploring the amazing power of the subconscious mind.  I very much needed these skills when a few years later I was struck with a truly devastating tragedy with the murder of my 3 daughters.

After this I experienced a complete change of direction. In grappling with the tragedy my mastery of the power of the sub-conscious highlighted the impact of spirituality in all life and I immersed myself in it. My purpose became helping others to change. Over 30 years later and 11 books, many CDs, DVDs and over a thousand Seminars, I can honestly say that training others is “why I am here” – I love it! 

The Opening Paragraphs of the FOREWORD are:
Like all young Sapper officers fresh out of Duntroon, I first encountered Sandy when I read his book “No Need for Heroes”.  This was required reading on the Regimental Officers’ Basic Course, where we learned our trade as leaders in the Royal Australian Engineers. There was no requirement for compulsion, as it was a gripping read and richly described all the experiences we yearned to have ourselves.  Sandy’s deployment to Vietnam included all the great aspects of service in the illustrious Corps we were so proud to have joined: providing specialised expertise to support the infantry, either well forward with them in the fight or out in front of them being the absolute tip of the spear.
Brigadier Rupert Hoskin AM
Commandant, Royal Military College of Australia