Creating Happiness Intentionally (eBook)

Creating Happiness Intentionally (eBook)

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This book will show you how to determine and work towards your Life's Purpose. Often many of life's challenges get in the way and need to be resolved to accomplish happiness.

What people are saying about Creating Happiness Intentionally

  • Sandy's system really works, and - best of all - his positive impact on your life will last!
    Dr Denis Waitley,
    Author - "The Psychology of Winning"
  • In 37 years of presenting to world audiences I know how extraordinary events impact profoundly on shaping a person's character and philosophy of life. Sandy MacGregor is one such person who has grown from his experiences of extreme tragedy and triumph to enable him to coach others to find their Life's Purpose. I recommend you DO THIS BOOK.
    Jim Rohn
    Trainer and author - "The Five Major Piecws to the Life Puzzle".
  • The one aspiration human beings seem to have in common is their desire to be happy. However it's one thing to want happiness and something quite another to find it. Thank heavens for Sandy MacGregor! The simple steps he outlines in Creating Happiness Intentionally will lead us to true contentment. Happiness beckons and the promise of a richer, more purposeful life awaits. This is the book we've all been waiting for.
    Ita Buttrose
  • You've encountered happy people in your life - yes? And I'm sure you've experienced moments of being happy yourself, too. Have you ever wondered if you could create happiness anytime you choose? Is such a thing even possible?
  • Sandy MacGregor not only says 'Yes!', you can be happy whenever and wherever you want, in Creating Happiness Intentionally he shows and tell you how.
  • Creating Happiness Intentionally is a practical, yet profound process that step-by-step simple and above all FUN! Sandy knows how you can be happy and he makes it easy to learn. Boy I wish I'd had this book years ago!
    John Milton Fogg
    Author - The Greatest Networker in the World

  • Sandy shows you how to use your conscious and subconscious mind with exercises specifically designed to identify and propel you towards your life's purpose. This book is a powerful tool to 'set your life sails'.
    Allan Pease
    Author - Body Language

Download and read the first two chapters

Sandy gives you the opportunity to XX download the first two chapters of Creating Happiness Intentionally (in PDF format - size = 106kb) and read at your leisure.