Kindle Book: CLASSIFIED MEMOIRS - A Life Too Interesting

Kindle Book: CLASSIFIED MEMOIRS - A Life Too Interesting

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As Sandy’s story unfolds you will see that the ironic “blessing” of “A Life Too Interesting” is certainly manifested. So far Sandy’s life has been dusted with exciting moments, uplifting and joyous moments, counter-balanced by darkness and tragedy.

This book gives an insight into the life of the remarkable man that is Sandy MacGregor. An insight into things that you never knew about Sandy. It shows the qualities Sandy has that have contributed to his achievements throughout his life. It’s not just how we react to something that makes the difference, it’s how we shape that reaction and then never give in. An enquiring mind, an intelligent plan, an all-out commitment, flexibility/ adaptability, empathy or compassion for others, and never giving in – Sandy has all this.    Graham Clinch

Sandy’s statement in this book that his ‘gift was to train’ rang so true with me. Over many years I have seen that his basic characteristic is that of a communicator. This was obvious right from the start with his article in the Army Journal about his experience with tunnels in Vietnam.  As soon as he returned from the conflict, he started communicating all he had learnt. This has been the pattern since then with everything he has done. For Sandy, it was never good enough to find out something for himself – his instinct has always been to go the next step and communicate the information with others. I en-joyed his book – it’s a great read….David Mason-Jones.

The Opening Paragraphs of the FOREWORD are:
Like all young Sapper officers fresh out of Duntroon, I first encountered Sandy when I read his book “No Need for Heroes”.  This was required reading on the Regimental Officers’ Basic Course, where we learned our trade as leaders in the Royal Australian Engineers. There was no requirement for compulsion, as it was a gripping read and richly described all the experiences we yearned to have ourselves.  Sandy’s deployment to Vietnam included all the great aspects of service in the illustrious Corps we were so proud to have joined: providing specialised expertise to support the infantry, either well forward with them in the fight or out in front of them being the absolute tip of the spear.
Brigadier Rupert Hoskin AM

Commandant, Royal Military College of Australia