Moving Onward - Grief and Loss - 2 CDs

Moving Onward - Grief and Loss - 2 CDs

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Within the book Addressing Grief and Loss, I have suggested the use of 3 guided meditations, to work through the grief and loss issue.

Many people have requested the meditations on CD, so I offer them to you as a special Moving Onward - 2 Pack at the price of $50 (Plus postage and packing $6 within Australia). The first two tracks on the Forgiveness CD, are Building your Peaceful Place and Getting to Your Peaceful Place in 3 Minutes, these need to be played as a first step, that is, prior to any meditation. Both Acceptance and Letting Go and Unconditional Love are on one CD.

Acceptance and Letting Go

There are many circumstances where “letting go” helps us to move on in life, eg. the death of someone close or even a pet, the end of a relationsh0ip, children as they grow up and change, our status. Acceptance and co-operation are important and doing this meditation has a cumulative beneficial action.


This meditation is spoken over Early Morning in the Rain Forest. Forgiveness is such an important element of daily living. Coming to terms with yourself and others in areas such as judgements, anger, resentment, guilt or blame is a key to your own progress.

Unconditional Love

A great start is loving and accepting yourself. We always have a choice to be loving. There may not be a “loving feeling” behind the decision to take a loving action, but we can have a choice and make the decision to take the loving action anyway. You learn how to Unconditionally Love at a distance.
Over the last 15 years I have conducted more than 460 two-day CALM Life Skills Seminars. These seminars are about how to tap into and use the deeper inner mind, the subconscious mind, to achieve anything we wish to do, faster and easier … including accelerated learning, changing or creating new habits, or handling grief and loss - I call it “Life Skills” learning. After I dealt with my own traumatic experience resulting from the shotgun murder of my three teenage daughters Jenny, Kirsty and Lexie, using the methods outlined in this book, I felt compelled to start to teach others and share these powerful techniques.

To assist in Addressing Grief and Loss

I have written a small book Addressing Grief and Loss,  in response to very many requests for help with this vexing issue.  This electronic book is available free, as a service to you and your friends.
The book is my attempt to be of assistance in a very emotional area. In it I have firstly related my personal experience of grief and loss, and then have gone on to offer some different strategies which have come out of this experience. I have taken the liberty of reproducing questions that I have been asked with my answers (no holds barred). Please know that this small book, coming from my experience, does not attempt to be or to provide a definitive answer to everyone's grief issues, however it does offer a way forward.XX This should go to an email  [Please Send Me The E-Book], in Adobe Acrobat format (608kb) will be emailed to you.