No Need For Heroes (eBook)

No Need For Heroes (eBook)

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Among the first Australians to fight in Vietnam, they faced death every day defusing Viet Cong booby traps - then partied all night in a casino they'd built in secret.

This is the thrilling hilarious and inspiring true story of a ragtag band of Aussie Army Engineers who redefined the word Heroes ... and reinvented larrikin too.

They led hundreds of American troops to safety, but fought US military police to a standstill in the bars of South Vietnam. They built the Australian Task Force base - then sabotaged a headquarters conference, booby trapped showers and blew up a generator rather than kowtow to newly arrived officers.
And that's before we mention sex ...
Most importantly, the men of Three Field Troop discovered a huge Viet Cong tunnel complex and were the first allied troops to follow the enemy down into their underground city.
They were the original Tunnel Rats and this is their story.


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