Peaceful Place Series No. 15 - Overcoming Fear (Download)

Peaceful Place Series No. 15 - Overcoming Fear (Download)

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Which is stronger, the power of the will or the power of the imagination? Most people think the will is stronger, but anyone who has had the experience of being overcome by fear would answer "imagination".  Fears can be resolved.

Fear is the negative effect of imagination and can occur spontaneously, and against our will. We can all experience different fears in many different ways, yet there is a common factor behind most of our fears – the way they are formed. I'll say again -  fears can be resolved.

This meditation is spoken over More than a Friend from Pan Flutes by the Ocean. Know that you are greater than any debilitating thought. This tape teaches a process of observing your thoughts, letting them go, and implanting into the subconscious mind success in conquering any debilitating thought or fear. It's wonderful relaxation too.

Music by Ken Davis