Piece Of Mind (Audio)

Piece Of Mind (Audio)

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This Audio Book shows how we can access all our mind in seconds - it's like turning on a switch inside your mind!

This Audio Book is in MP3 format and is read by Sandra MacGregor

This book will give you techniques for:

  • Relaxation and Releasing Stress in 30 seconds
  • Accelerating Your Learning
  • Achieving Goals Faster
  • Switching on the other 88% of your Mind

What people say...

  • "Motivational and Inspirational - Sandy tells it in a way you can get it!"
    - Steve Snyder International Educator and Seminar Leader
  • "Sandy Explains stress release, memory improvement and subconscious mind in layman's terms. The techniques are simple and they work!"
    - Andrew Matthews: Author of International Best Seller "Being Happy"