Student Steps To Success (eBook)

Student Steps To Success (eBook)

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There is an increasing awareness now of "How to learn" not "What to learn". Is it any wonder when the information in the world doubles every 2.5 years or that 80% of the children just commencing high school will enter careers that do not presently exist because the technology hasn't yet been invented!

Unfortunately many of our exams are still based on content ("what to learn") The stress and strain of studying and sitting exams can be traumatic for some. Have you ever had experienced ... the feeling of being unmotivated to do further homework after a long hard day, the anxiety of final weeks before exams or the panic and or mental blocks which can occur in the exam room while attempting to recall? These problems are over if you use the techniques in this book!

This book teaches techniques for:

  • Accelerated Learning and Reading
  • Achieving Life Skill Goals Faster
  • Improving Examination Results
  • Enhancing Your Ability To Create
  • Improving Self Esteem
  • Understanding and Using The Power of Positive Though
  • Relaxing in 30 seconds


  • "Sandy's bright 'user friendly' guide provides a marvellous support for the school student from late primary through to senior high school. This book is an outstanding contribution to the literature on student learning and acheivement"
    Don King - Gosford Selective High School
  • "This Volume will revolutionise education in Australia and around the world. It applies scientific theory in simple and practical methodology. ... Bravo Sandy! and all who helped create this important book!"
    Friar Justin Belitz O.F.M. The Franciscan Hermitage

You can read the book's Foreword (in html format)