Switch On To Your Inner Strength (eBook)

Switch On To Your Inner Strength (eBook)

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In this book I explain:
  • My encounter with grief and "letting go"
  • Self esteem, self worth and self image
  • Daily techniques based on verified research
  • The importance of love in your life
  • Acceptance, guilt, anger and forgiveness
  • An easy and practical approach to meditation
  • How thoughts impact our lives
  • Relaxation for stress release, harmony and tranquillity
  • How to handle pain
  • Six guided imageries for personal use
  • The use of imagination to influence health and healing
  • How to tap the mind for creativity
  • Skills to cope with every day life stresses - the balance between relationships, employment, family, finance, leisure, spiritual development.

Book Highlights

20 Australians tell their stories of using Sandy's techniques to overcome their challenges

  • Julie Van De Driesen from Victoria stopped smoking with no fuss. Then she proceeded to release 5 stone (31kg) in weight!!
  • Reg Wells from Western Australia couldn't walk properly 3 weeks prior to running a marathon. He reached inside and achieved his goal!and there are many more fantastic stories of people overcoming personal challenges to succeed against the odds!

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