The Little Book of Students Steps to Success (eBook)

The Little Book of Students Steps to Success (eBook)

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This is a little book – it is a summary of “Students Steps To Success” by Sandy MacGregor. Many schools have bought multiple copies of the book and know that it is suitable for 10 years old and up, to any age! 

There is an increasing awareness now of "How to learn" not "What to learn". Is it any wonder when the information in the world doubles every 2.5 years or that 80% of the children just commencing high school will enter careers that do not presently exist because the technology hasn't yet been invented!

Unfortunately many of our exams are still based on content ("what to learn") The stress and strain of studying and sitting exams can be traumatic for some.

This book includes topics that cover:

  • Relaxation and releasing stress.
  • It shows how to increase Self Esteem.
  • Motivation and Goals are big topics.

The learning process covers Exam Tips

  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Mind Mapping
  • Learning Methods
  • The Use of Music
  • Faster Reading

The Foreword of this book is by Professor David Smith – Faculty of Education, University of Sydne