Piece of Mind (Book) with Audio (CDs)

Piece of Mind (Book) with Audio (CDs)

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The Piece Of Mind book and 2 CDs will teach you how to relax in 30 seconds, to set your goals correctly and to achieve them faster.

The music and sounds of Infinite Joy have been especially created for the relaxed guided imagery tour to build your Peaceful Place by Ken Davis.

Specially Selected Instrumental Music - audio CD

Peaceful Place CD No. 1

The music and sounds of Infinite Joy have been recorded especially for the relaxed guided imagery tour to create your Peaceful Place. Use this music any time you wish to - especially for relaxation, study and inner peace or when you simply want to "let go" or create. Your horizons expand with the opening of your heart and mind.
Side 1- Infinite Joy 1 and Infinite Joy 2
Side 2 - Radiance, Heaven & Earth, So Much Love and Full of Love

Guided Imagery - audio CD

Peaceful Place CD No. 2

Guided Imagery is used to create and reinforce your Peaceful Place and your Emotional Anchor. Use Side 1 to remind, reinforce or to alter your Peaceful Place and to assist you to reach it fast, thus achieving relaxation and release of stress. Play Side 2 to reinforce your Emotional Anchor and to use all your new abilities to achieve goals faster. 
Side 1 - Guided Imagery Building a Peaceful Place, A Peaceful Place in 3 Minutes and Proposing.
Side 2 - Making your emotional anchor, Bringing it all together and Infinite Joy

Piece of Mind - book

Science today has shown us how we can access all our mind in seconds - it's like turning on a switch inside your mind!
This book is designed to show you HOW to do this. By applying this information you can not only Switch on to all of your mind in seconds, you can increase the use of your mind to achieve faster and more easily.

This book will give you techniques for:

  • Relaxation and Releasing Stress in 30 seconds
  • Accelerating Your Learning
  • Achieving Goals Faster
  • Switching on the other 88% of your Mind


Piece of Mind is an Australian best Seller!!
  • "Motivational and Inspirational - Sandy tells it in a way you can get it!"
    - Steve Snyder International Educator and Seminar Leader
  • "Sandy Explains stress release, memory improvement and subconscious mind in layman's terms. The techniques are simple and they work!"
    - Andrew Matthews: Author of International Best Seller "Being Happy"