The Wealth Pack - (Download)

The Wealth Pack - (Download)

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The Wealth Pack is designed to assist you in getting a Prosperity Mindset

It consists of 2 CDs  plus (if you haven’t already got it) Peaceful Place Series #2 - Guided Imagery which can be obtained separately.

What we think about Wealth (consciously or subconsciously) matters if we desire to increase wealth. This includes considering our habits, attitudes, values, beliefs, fears, blocks, doubts, understandings, expectations, intentions, decisions, our financial self-image and other internal structures of the mind that make up our wealth reality.

Science itself has overwhelming proof that you can rewire your brain. This means you can, with specific methods which are shown in this Wealth Pack, build and strengthen neural pathways which control all our financial decisions and executive thinking. Both your conscious and subconscious mind will be in alignment. You will increase your Financial Self Image and you will do general and personal goals using the CALM system on tracks 5 and 6.

The meditation on Wealth 1 Track 6 is spoken over Andante by Vivaldi produced by Roland Roberts.
The meditation on Wealth 2 Track 3 is spoken over Air on a G String by Bach produced by Roland Roberts.
The music on Wealth 2 track 5 and 6 is Infinite Joy created by Ken Davis.

Wealth 1
Track 1 Intro to The Wealth Pack 4 min 57 secs
Track 2 Read MMN1 about 9 min 54 secs
Track 3 Read MMN2 about 11 min 54 secs
Track 4 Intro to Meditation Wealth 1 4 min 45 secs
Track 5 & 6 Meditation Wealth 1 24 min 28 secs
54 min 30 secs

Wealth 2
Track 1 Intro to Meditation Wealth 2 2 min 04 secs
Track 2 & 3 Meditation Wealth 2 21 min 47 secs
Track 4 Introduction to Goals 3 min 15 secs
Track 5 Goals General 7 min 23 secs
Track 6 Goals Personal 9 min 13 secs
43 min 42 secs